Review: AusumTea

I started drinking tea after I moved away from my house. At home, my grandmother would always have a cup of black tea (ironically called Laal Cha in Bengal) with her. And tea at home meant the best leaves from Darjeeling and the ones sent from my maternal uncle’s house in Assam. And then, Bombay happened. And cutting chai happened. And I soon started drinking two-three-even five mugs of tea a day. My tea is different from the ones my parents drink – while they are happy with their light brews on an empty stomach, I need to wake up and smell milk, tea leaves and sugar boiled together. I need it to be perfectly coloured – not too milky, nor too sweet. And while I want to believe I am not addicted to anything – tea can very well be my weakness on any working day.


So, when the good folks at AusumTea sent me a sample box from Bengaluru (why must all the fun, let’s try to find our passion in life people be based out of Bengaluru?), I jumped at the opportunity to review it. The sample box came with three smaller packs – After 8, Petrichor and Hot Mango Mess. Packed in a very cute almost-newspaper-ish designed box, each of these boxes make about 3 cups of tea. So that’s about 9 cups sorted for me. It also obviously makes a difference that these are handmade in small batches, which means quality is of essence to the duo behind AusumTea.

I started with the Hot Mango Mess. Sometimes after a rough day at work (and it has been rough of late) you need something with a zing – and that’s exactly what this little box promised. The first impression? I could smell it forever. I could actually go to bed with this box. Yep. I could. And the brewed version (once I had convinced myself to stop sniffing the box like some crazed maniac) was infinitely better. It was light, and yet had a hint of orange and mango. This white tea was exactly what the doctor recommended.

My second box was the Petrichor – a light green-tea blend that I carried with me to Calcutta for my family to try as well. You know how green tea can sometimes give you this bitter after-taste? Well, Petrichor is now my sister’s favourite – and she isn’t even a tea drinker. My dad loved it too. So I am guessing I know what to get them for their birthdays.


After 8 is the only one remaining for me to try out right now. It is a fruit infusion (the brand calls it a Tisane) and should therefore be quite light and yet, refreshing. Maybe after my morning run this weekend I can sit with a cuppa and enjoy the last bit of Delhi winters. Or maybe, before I finish this box, I will already order my second variety. Sort of obsessed right now. You’ll know what I mean as soon as you smell it. Sigh. Love,tea.

You can check out their site here AusumTea

Fair warning: You need to have time to enjoy this tea. You cannot just gulp it down and move on. It is exactly the kind that requires, nay, demands that you give it the proper attention and respect.



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